Making Room // Pinelake Clinton

A 24-month initiative to make room for more people and more life change.

Making Room for Our Community

Our church family has a new home at 201 Clinton Center Drive, Clinton, MS 39056, just off of I-20. This new location makes our church more visible to our community and gives us nearly three times the space we have in our current facility.

Every square foot has been renovated to meet our ministry needs and to create a better experience for the friends, family, coworkers and neighbors you invite to worship with us. Our auditorium has more than doubled in size and we have gained valuable space for children and students to hear God’s word and worship.

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Making Room Sermon Series
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UPDATE: We’re putting all the finishing touches on our new space.

Building Plans and Features

Building size: 34,798 square feet

Parking lot: 600 spaces

Auditorium seating: 700 per hour (currently 330)

Little Lakers: 9 rooms holding 180 people per hour with a dedicated workroom for staff and servant leaders (currently 6 rooms for 60 people with no workroom)

Pinelake Kids: A dedicated 100-seat theater and small group meeting space (was a shared room with Pinelake Students for 30 people)

Pinelake Students: A dedicated 100-seat theater (was a shared room with Pinelake Kids for 30 people)

Baptistry: A unique baptistry in the Commons with live video feed to the Auditorium

Connecting Point: A large, highly visible Connecting Point area in the Commons

Multi-purpose Room: Large room for trainings, small group events and other needs.

Office Space: 6 offices and a conference room

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Who is God leading you to add to your spiritual chain?


How can you live with generosity toward God’s kingdom plans?

Everyone’s commitment will be different, but together we will see God do something in our lives He’s never done before and we will see Mississippi changed one Life Change Story at a time.

We all have a part in Making Room in Our House


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Frequently Asked Questions

Pinelake has entered a season of incredible growth at all of our campuses. We believe God is calling us to make room in our hearts and in our facilities for our neighbors, friends and family members. To do so, we’re committed to a 24-month initiative we’re calling Making Room that begins on March 19, 2017. During this initiative, we’re asking God to work and provide through His people so that we can add space for students, children and families to hear the life-changing message about Jesus.

201 Clinton Center Drive, Clinton, MS 39056

If you’re going south on Springridge Road, turn right onto Clinton Center Drive near Shoney’s. The new facility will be on your left.

Pinelake Church is investing $3 million to secure and renovate the new building. Pinelake Clinton will pay the lease for the next five years ($800,000 spread out over five years in the annual budget) and then purchase the building outright for $2 million.

Our new auditorium will hold 700 people per hour (compared to 330 in our current space).

The new facility has nine rooms that will hold 180 preschoolers per hour. That compares to 6 rooms for 60 people in our current facility.

Every Sunday, elementary students will join together in a 100-seat theater and then an even larger small group space.

Yes. We’ve shared space with Pinelake Kids in our current facility, but the new facility will include a 150-seat theater that’s set aside for middle school students on Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. and high school students each Sunday at 5 p.m.