God is building our house one story at a time.


Making Room is a 24–month initiative in response to God’s vision for Pinelake Church to make more room in our hearts and in our campuses. Making Room matters because all people matter to God. There are people in our community who have not been touched. Not everyone in our neighborhoods attends church — much less walks with Christ. And God loves those people. Our scorecard has never been size, but faithfulness. And Making Room is a reminder to keep God center in our vision, in our heart, in our finances and in our commitments.


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Make Your Commitment


If you were unable to be with us on Commitment Sunday, April 9, you may make your commitment online using the secure, confidential form linked below or you may bring a printed commitment card to Connecting Point and place it in the Making Room lock box.

Making Room Life Change Sign

We want nothing more than to see Mississippi change one Life Change Story at a time. Every changed life – every decision to follow Jesus, every baptism – is worth celebrating. Every time we lead another to Christ we add a link to our spiritual chain. If you’ve made a spiritual commitment and have gone from spiritual death to new life in Christ, stop by Connecting Point at one of our campuses so we can celebrate with you and signify your decision on the Making Room Life Change sign.

Sermon Series

You were created for more. Not more stuff or more activity, but more life with more impact on the world around you. God has a greater purpose for each of us and He is calling us collectively to create space in our lives and in our church. In this series we unpacked what making room in our vision, heart, finances, and commitment really looks like. Together as we make room, we will see Mississippi changed one life change story at a time.

Room for Vision

Week 1 – March 19, 2017

Room in my Heart

Week 2 – March 26, 2017

Room in Your Finances

Week 3 – April 2, 2017

Room for Commitment

Week 4 – April 9, 2017