One Link Equals One Life Changed

Every changed life – every decision to follow Jesus, every baptism – is worth celebrating. Every time we lead another to Christ we add a link to our spiritual chain. If you’ve made a spiritual commitment and have gone from spiritual death to new life in Christ, stop by Connecting Point at one of our campuses so we can celebrate with you and signify your decision on the Making Room Life Change sign.


300 Stories of Life Change

Here at Pinelake we’re Making Room in our hearts and lives to see Mississippi changed one life change story at a time. Recently, we saw 300 people begin their journey with Christ at Identify, our outdoor baptism celebration.

Serving God Regardless of Limitations

Earl Fincher was determined to follow God’s lead to make room. Despite his age, illness and being restricted to the use of a wheelchair, he was willing to serve. If God can use Earl, He can certainly use you.

Finding Jesus in the Brokenness

After a time of loneliness and brokenness Samantha found Christ — and that with Christ she is never alone. She recognized a friend facing a similar struggle and made room in her life to reach out and help her friend see the peace and happiness Jesus provides.

Vic Schaefer: Looking to Him

As the head women’s basketball coach at Mississippi State, a father and husband, Vic Schaefer shares about living a life dependent on God. He’s learned to hold on, be courageous and keep his focus on Christ.

People Made Room For Me

Wayne Cantrell had gotten complacent in his relationship with Christ, but wanted to get back on track. Through his co-workers he came to Pinelake and now is proud to call our house his church home. He’s on a journey, but his life has changed because people made room for him.

God Made Me Clean

Chip Hunt’s addiction to drugs and alcohol took control of his life and stripped away everything he had worked for. Until one day when a powerful moment of surrender to the Lord renewed his life.

We Shouldn’t Be Here Today

Josh Brewer grew up surrounded by abuse, violence and poverty. Larissa Brewer sought acceptance through unhealthy relationships which led to substance abuse. But they both found forgiveness, hope and restoration through faith in Christ.

Trusting God with Our Finances

Chip sat down with Pinelake members from different walks of life to hear about their experiences in trusting God with their finances and giving to the mission of the church.

Building a Spiritual Chain

Olivia Dear’s life was changed by the mentoring she received and she began sharing about what God had done in her life. Courtney Moffett was drawn to this transformation and what began was the formation of a spiritual chain that will last for eternity.

Following God’s Call

What do an insurance consultant, a production director, a software engineer and a retired math teacher all have in common? They are regular people who allowed God to expand their vision for their lives.