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Making Room is a 24-month initiative to make room for more people and more life change.

Where We Are in the Journey to Making Room

Young families from across Madison County have been drawn to Pinelake Madison since we launched in 2006. With this continual growth, our preschool and children’s areas were near capacity on a weekly basis. We saw the need to expand our facility for more life change stories to be written.

God continues to expand our influence for His glory throughout our state, and we want to faithfully respond by making room. For the past year, we have been asking God to make room: in our vision for our part in His kingdom, in our hearts for more people, and financially for ministry expansion. Since then, we’ve seen Him bring story after story of life change.

One Story at a Time

Through Making Room, we’ve seen over a 1000 stories of life change take place. Each one of these stories is represented by a carabiner hanging from our Making Room sign. We’ve been able to minister to more than 19,000 of Mississippi’s prisoners through LOVEfirst, and we’ve served the Delta through children’s day camps and by constructing the Hope Center, which will serve on-going needs in the community.

UPDATE: Upgrades to the Little Lakers theater are now complete.

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We all have a part in Making Room in Our House


Total Making Room Goal



Phase 1 and 2 are now complete. We look forward to all God will do in these spaces as we continue to make room for others and see Mississippi changed one story at a time.

Phase 1 (Completed)

Little Lakers: Adding eight new Little Lakers classrooms (capacity increase from 125 to 225 per hour) and a new Little Lakers theater (capacity increase from 75 to 150 per hour)

Pinelake Kids: Adding five new Pinelake Kids classrooms (capacity increase from 108 to 172 per hour)

The Den: Converting a room into The Den for mothers with small children.

Adults: Adding two new multipurpose rooms for equipping classes (1,100 sq. ft. total)

Staff: Expanding ministry offices by adding four offices and four cubicles

Phase 2

Pinelake Students: Building a new Pinelake Students center including a basketball court, recreational space and multi-use area for 200+ students per gathering.

Commons: Expanding the commons and adding two new entrances and a covered drop off by the Care Center.

Theater: Upgrading the audio, video and lighting equipment in this shared ministry space

Frequently Asked Questions

Pinelake has entered a season of incredible growth at all of our campuses. We believe God has called us to make room in our hearts and in our facilities for our neighbors, friends and family members. To do so, we committed to a 24-month initiative called Making Room, which began in March of 2017. During this 2 year span, we’re asking God to work and provide through His people so that we can add space for students, children and families to hear the life-changing message about Jesus.

We need more space for our growing number of Little Lakers, Pinelake Kids and Pinelake Students. As a church, we are passionate about impacting the next generation and families in the Madison area, and Making Room allows us the opportunity to better serve this county.

Pinelake Madison has already fully funded portions of the project by giving $900,000 over our ministry expenses. Expansions will continue to be paid for as the Madison campus contributes $2.2 million through Making Room.

Yes. As part of Phase 2, our new Pinelake Students space will provide dedicated space for over 200 middle school students on Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. and high school students on Sundays at 5 p.m. This space includes a basketball court, a recreational space with game tables and a multi-use area that can be used for small groups or large gatherings.

We will be upgrading the existing Theater that is shared by Pinelake Kids and Students; this will give them a much-needed upgrade for their worship experience and improve the audio/visual equipment and lighting. We’ll also be renovating the Commons to add an accessible entrance at the back of the building for the student space, a new entrance at the front of the building near the Theater and a covered drop-off on the Care Center side.

Phase 2 will take 3–6 months and will begin as soon as the necessary funds have been raised.

We do not anticipate any changes to how most people come in or leave the building.

What you can do now?

As we are faithful to respond to where God is leading we will see Mississippi continue to change one Life Change Story at a time.


This is an exciting time in the story of Pinelake Church, and we believe that God has opened new opportunities for us. Keep praying that God will transform lives, unify us behind His purposes and provide the resources we need to make this vision possible.


Learn more about Making Room by browsing through this website.


Tell people about it. Become an advocate for what God is doing through Pinelake and help others see how we need to make room in our hearts.