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Making Room is a 24-month initiative to make room for more people and more life change.

Making Room for Our Community

Making Room matters because all people matter to God. There are people in our community who have not been touched. Not everyone in our neighborhoods attends church — much less walks with Christ. And God loves those people.

Pinelake Reservoir has some practical needs that make this initiative necessary. God has allowed us to give to many things outside of us. Now we need to meet some of the needs inside our family, including more room for Pinelake Students, a way to increase our capacity for those who attend between 9 and 11 a.m. and a location for the sacred moments of the Christian life.

Our scorecard has never been size, but faithfulness. And Making Room is a reminder to keep God center in our vision, in our heart, in our finances and in our commitments.

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Making Room Sermon Series
Make Your Commitment

UPDATE: Phase 1 is now complete. Construction on the student center has begun.

Phase 1

Commons: Remodeled including new carpet throughout and an additional Connecting Point

Little Lakers: Relocated and improved entrance and check-in area

Pinelake Kids: Improved check-in area

Parking: New 110-space parking lot near Plaza entrance

Phase 2

Worship: 600-seat worship venue for Sunday mornings and student gatherings

Pinelake Students: New Pinelake Students center including recreational space and multi-use area for small group or large gatherings

Chapel: 300-seat chapel for sacred moments such as weddings and funerals

Outside: Outdoor baptistry, greenspaces, pathways and a new covered drop-off

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Is God calling you to a spiritual step?


Who is God leading you to add to your spiritual chain?


How can you live with generosity toward God’s kingdom plans?

Everyone’s commitment will be different, but together we will see God do something in our lives He’s never done before and we will see Mississippi changed one Life Change Story at a time.

We all have a part in Making Room in Our House


Total Making Room Goal


Frequently Asked Questions

Pinelake has entered a season of incredible growth at all of our campuses. We believe this is really just the beginning and that God is calling us to make room in our hearts for even more of our neighbors, friends and family members to join us here. To do so, we’re committed to a 24-month initiative we’re calling Making Room that begins on March 19, 2017. During this initiative, we’re asking God to work and provide through His people so that we can add space for students, children and families to hear the life-changing message about Jesus.

The truth is that growth and time are passing us by. God has allowed us to give to many things outside of us, and now we need to meet some of the needs inside our family. Our needs for children and student ministry are critical, and we need more room for those who attend from 9–11 a.m., which is essential for us to keep reaching our community. We also need an environment for the sacred moments of our Christian lives.

Pinelake Reservoir has already fully funded Phase 1 of the project. The cost estimate of Phase 2 is approximately $12 million and will come from money given to the Making Room initiative.

In Phase 1, we’ll be moving and enhancing the main entrance of the Little Lakers area so that it’s closer to the Plaza side of the building. We’ll also be updating the entire area to a more kid-friendly look and improving the check-in process.

To improve the people flow in that space, we’ll be expanding the check-in area and adding a new entrance and exit from the Commons.

Yes. We’ll be building a new parking lot very close to the main Plaza that will hold approximately 110 cars, including many new handicap spaces.

We’re also updating the Commons with carpet, paint and a modern design for our new Connecting Point area.

On Sunday mornings, we anticipate launching a new service between the hours of 9 and 11. In addition, the space will give us a location for our Pinelake Students to join together for worship and prayer as one group on Sunday and Wednesday nights. This size theater will also allow us to host special events for groups with around 600 people.

Yes. As part of Phase 2, our new Student Center — adjoining the new theater — will provide dedicated space for both middle school and high school students and create new space for our 5th and 6th grade ministry. This Student Center will include a recreational space with game tables and a multi-use area that can serve both smaller groups or large gatherings.

We’ll be building a new 300-seat chapel that will provide the perfect environment for the sacred moments in life, such as weddings and funerals. In addition, we will be installing an outdoor baptistry, green spaces and pathways that lead toward the buildings and a new drop-off.

Phase 2 will take 14–18 months and will begin as soon as the necessary funds have been received.

During construction of Phase 2, passage and parking near the East Entrance will be limited. The prep work done in Phase 1 will help alleviate any temporary people flow problems. We will release more information as we get closer to construction.

For many people, there will be no change. But for those who typically park near the East Entrance, you should consider using the new parking lot close to the building near the Plaza Entrance. We will release more information as we get closer to construction.

What you can do now?

As we are faithful to respond to where God is leading we will see Mississippi continue to change one Life Change Story at a time.


This is an exciting time in the story of Pinelake Church, and we believe that God has opened new opportunities for us. Keep praying that God will transform lives, unify us behind His purposes and provide the resources we need to make this vision possible.


Learn more about Making Room by browsing through this website.


Tell people about it. Become an advocate for what God is doing through Pinelake and help others see how we need to make room in our hearts.