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Making Room is a 24-month initiative to make room for more people and more life change.

Making Room for Our Community

Since coming to Starkville in 2011, Pinelake Church has been offering a message of hope to families and college students alike. As more and more people come through our doors each week our need to expand our facility becomes more evident.

Phase 1 of our campus improvement begins with the purchase of the 5-acre lot adjacent to our property. This will allow us in Phase 2 to pave a 120-space parking lot and to prepare for future expansion.

Phase 3 will see our building nearly double in size. This additional space will greatly increase our capacity to minister to families. We will add classrooms for both our Little Lakers and Pinelake Kids as well as a Pinelake Kids theater. We will add a new student center that would give Pinelake Students a place to connect with their friends, hear God’s Word and respond to Him in worship.

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Making Room Sermon Series
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UPDATE: We’ve purchased 5 acres adjacent to our campus, and are currently paying this off to make room for future parking and building expansion.

Phase 1

Property: Purchase 5-acre lot adjacent to Pinelake Starkville

Phase 2

Parking: New 120-space parking lot

Phase 3

Worship: Expanded auditorium

Little Lakers: Expanded preschool area

Pinelake Kids: Larger theater and additional classrooms

Pinelake Students: New Pinelake Students center

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Is God calling you to a spiritual step?


Who is God leading you to add to your spiritual chain?


How can you live with generosity toward God’s kingdom plans?

Everyone’s commitment will be different, but together we will see God do something in our lives He’s never done before and we will see Mississippi changed one Life Change Story at a time.

We all have a part in Making Room in Our House


Total Making Room Goal


Frequently Asked Questions

Pinelake has entered a season of incredible growth at all of our campuses. We believe this is really just the beginning and that God is calling us to make room in our hearts for even more of our neighbors, friends and family members to join us here. To do so, we’re committed to a 24-month initiative we’re calling Making Room that begins on March 19, 2017. During this initiative, we’re asking God to work and provide through His people so that we can add space for students, children and families to hear the life-changing message about Jesus.

We need more space for our growing number of adults, college students, Little Lakers, Pinelake Kids and Pinelake Students. As a church, we are passionate about impacting the next generation and families in the Golden Triangle, and Making Room allows us the opportunity to do so.

Pinelake Church as a whole provided the resources to purchase and renovate the current facility. The additional land and future expansion allows those who call Pinelake Starkville home an opportunity to take part spiritually and financially in the work God is doing here.

Yes. When the property became available, Pinelake secured it on a short-term banknote — fully believing that God has and will continue to provide through His people here in Starkville.

The pay-off for the property is $400,000.

With all those God is bringing to this campus, we know that any future growth requires land for both parking and facility expansion.

The new parking lot will add around 120 parking spots conveniently located close to the building.

The parking lot will take around three months and will begin as soon as funds are available to complete the project.

We’re estimating that the new parking lot will cost $600,000.

Yes. We have already drafted plans to expand and update in the areas with the most pressing needs. This includes a completely renovated area for Little Lakers, new theater and classroom space for Pinelake Kids, a dynamic space for Pinelake Students, more room for adult equipping classes and an expanded Commons with a new covered drop-off.

The projects will begin as soon as funds are available.

We estimate that Phase 3 expansions will cost $3,400,000.

What you can do now?

As we are faithful to respond to where God is leading we will see Mississippi continue to change one Life Change Story at a time.


This is an exciting time in the story of Pinelake Church, and we believe that God has opened new opportunities for us. Keep praying that God will transform lives, unify us behind His purposes and provide the resources we need to make this vision possible.


Learn more about Making Room by browsing through this website.


Tell people about it. Become an advocate for what God is doing through Pinelake and help others see how we need to make room in our hearts.